Lake Travis & Westlake

​Young Life started in Austin fifty years ago, around 1968.  The vision then is the same as it is now - a team of leaders who will walk beside their middle & high school friends through the good and the bad, the joys and the struggles.  There are plenty of both.  The vision of Young Life Austin West is the chance for leaders to share the Gospel with kids through the telling of the story of Jesus and by living life alongside them.  We communicate the love of Jesus through friendship, conversation, time-spent-wasted, humor, laughter, going to where kids are, becoming a part of what they're doing, Young Life Club, Campaigners, Camp, and anything else in all creation that might tell a kid in West Austin that a relationship with Jesus equals life to the full.

Middle & High school can be an incredible time of life.  It can also be one of the hardest.  Life is meant to be lived with friends, alongside leaders, with Jesus.  It's meant to be lived to the full!

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For questions regarding Westlake Young Life or Wyldlife: Contact Layne Hutcheson at layne@austinyl.org.

For questions regarding Lake Travis Young Life or Wyldlife: Contact Ben Klein at 

For questions regarding summer camp trips or camp payments: Contact Paige Meek at paige@austinyl.org.

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